Prof. Danqing ZHU's Publications

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Danqing Zhu, David H. Brookes, Akosua Busia, Ana Carneiro, Clara Fannjiang, Galina Popova, David Shin, Kevin C. Donohue, Li F. Lin, Zachary M. Miller, Evan R. Williams, Edward F. Chang, Tomasz J. Nowakowski, Jennifer Listgarten, David V. Schaffer, "Optimal trade-off control in machine learning-based library design, with application to adeno-associated virus (AAV) for gene therapy", Science Advances (2024)

Zhu, Bonnie Danqing; Brookes, David H.; Busia, Akosua; Carneiro, Ana; Fannjiang, Clara; Popova, Galina; Lin, Li F.; Miller, Zachary M.; Williams, Evan R.; Chang, Edward F.; Nowakowski, Tomasz J.; Listgarten, Jennifer; Schaffer, David V., "Optimal trade-off control in machine learning–based library design, with application to adeno-associated virus (AAV) for gene therapy", Science Advances, v. 10, (4), January 2024 (2024)

Tang, Chunwei; Zhu, Danqing; Jiang, Xinyi, "mRNA-Laden Lipid-Nanoparticle-Enabled in Situ CAR-Macrophage Engineering for the Eradication of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria in a Sepsis Mouse Model", ACS Nano, v. 18, (3), January 2024, p. 2261-2278 (2024)

Zhu, Danqing; Trinh, Pavin; Liu, Elisa; Yang, Fan, "Cell-Cell Interactions Enhance Cartilage Zonal Development in 3D Gradient Hydrogels", ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, v. 9, (2), February 2023, p. 831-843 (2023)

Yang, Zhenmei; Liu, Ying; Zhao, Kun; Jing, Weiqiang; Gao, Lin; Dong, Xianghui; Wang, Yan; Han, Maosen; Shi, Chongdeng; Tang, Chunwei; Sun, Peng; Zhang, Rui; Fu, Zhipeng; Zhang, Jing; Zhu, Danqing; Chen, Chen; Jiang, Xinyi, "Dual mRNA co-delivery for in situ generation of phagocytosis-enhanced CAR macrophages augments hepatocellular carcinoma immunotherapy", Journal of Controlled Release, v. 360, August 2023, p. 718-733 (2023)

Zhu, Danqing; Johnson, Hunter J.; Chen, Jun; Schaffer, David V., "Optogenetic Application to Investigating Cell Behavior and Neurological Disease", Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, v. 16, February 2022, article number 811493 (2022)

Zhu, Danqing; Schieferecke, Adam J.; Lopez, Paola A.; Schaffer, David V., "Adeno-associated virus vector for central nervous system gene therapy", Trends in Molecular Medicine, v. 27, (6), June 2021, p. 524-537 (2021)

Liu, Elisa; Zhu, Danqing; Gonzalez DIaz, Eva; Tong, Xinming; Yang, Fan, "Gradient Hydrogels for Optimizing Niche Cues to Enhance Cell-Based Cartilage Regeneration", Tissue Engineering, Part A, v. 27, (13-14), July 2021, p. 929-939 (2021)

Zhu, Danqing; Trinh, Pavin; Li, Jianfeng; Grant, Gerry A.; Yang, Fan, "Gradient hydrogels for screening stiffness effects on patient-derived glioblastoma xenograft cellfates in 3D", Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A, v. 109, (6), June 2021, p. 1027-1035 (2021)

Zhu, Danqing; Trinh, Pavin; Liu, Elisa; Yang, Fan, "Biochemical and Mechanical Gradients Synergize to Enhance Cartilage Zonal Organization in 3D", ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, v. 4, (10), October 2018, p. 3561-3569 (2018)

Zhu, Danqing; Tong, Xinming; Trinh, Pavin; Yang, Fan, "Mimicking Cartilage Tissue Zonal Organization by Engineering Tissue-Scale Gradient Hydrogels as 3D Cell Niche", Tissue Engineering, Part A, v. 24, (1-2), January 2018, p. 1-10 (2018)

Wang, Huiyuan; Zhu, Danqing; Paul, Alexandra; Cai, Lei; Enejder, Annika; Yang, Fan; Heilshorn, Sarah C., "Covalently Adaptable Elastin-Like Protein-Hyaluronic Acid (ELP-HA) Hybrid Hydrogels with Secondary Thermoresponsive Crosslinking for Injectable Stem Cell Delivery", Advanced Functional Materials, v. 27, (28), July 2017, article number 1605609 (2017)

Zhu, Danqing; Wang, Huiyuan; Trinh, Pavin; Heilshorn, Sarah C.; Yang, Fan, "Elastin-like protein-hyaluronic acid (ELP-HA) hydrogels with decoupled mechanical and biochemical cues for cartilage regeneration", Biomaterials, v. 127, May 2017, p. 132-140 (2017)

Tong, Xinming; Jiang, James; Zhu, Danqing; Yang, Fan, "Hydrogels with Dual Gradients of Mechanical and Biochemical Cues for Deciphering Cell-Niche Interactions", ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering, v. 2, (5), May 2016, p. 845-852 (2016)